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Zafiro dental unit


Accessibility and reliability

This dental unit integrates all the technical resources that a dental chair requires. It has been designed and manufactured to make the work of modern dentists more comfortable. Resources integrated into the main and secondary equipment – in the chair and the water system – guarantee and make the work of the dentist and the assistant easier in the different positions and ways of working.



Design and integration.

New equipment with a highly contrasted concept which integrates an attractive design and the best functionality required by dentists and patients.

Delivery system.

It comes in two versions, hanging hose and “colibrí” version, with the highest range of features that modern equipment should offer. The floating arm moves smoothly and enables full access to all the tools. It has an integrated but independent mobile panel in the centre to make it easier to use in any position, from where all necessary information from the dental unit is displayed and can be controlled.


It integrates all the technology available for dental units – electronic, safety and hygiene technology. The tools are neatly organised and easy to access. It has a cuspidor with a glass bowl and water dispenser for a glass or mug, which turns with the chair. The movement of the cuspidor adapts to the patient's needs.


A highly ergonomic system. It has an articulating and adjustable headrest (multi-position), to be adapted to the height of the patient. The electromechanical system moves the patient up / down, and in the Trendelenburg position. The dental unit can be controlled from the main panel, or with the multi-function pedal/button panel. Its design and characteristics enable the dentist and the assistant to work in a safe and relaxed environment, with mobile parts and limit stops for the seat and the backrest, and for the turning elements.


Compact design.

This dental unit is a fully compact system, thanks to the integration of all the parts. It makes work easier and more comfortable for the dentist and the assistant.

The Zafiro dental unit adapts to all the working positions and all the elements can be fully controlled, which guarantees a comfortable environment for the patient at all times.


Each one of the parts of the dental unit offers the highest performance. The seat backrest with flaps that can be adjusted independently to improve the working position. The instrument arms, either “colibrí” type or hanging hoses. The controls on the mobile panel, the arm dimensions, with the light and the screen, enabling gentle and effortless movements. The movements of the chair – automatic and fully controlled.

Special features.

The Zafiro model includes new technologies:

• Full control of the dental unit from the central panel, and the safety and blocking system for the instrument arms in the “colibrí” version.

• The extendable auxiliary unit, adaptable to the best position.

• Control of the unit’s mode.

• Safety and hygiene systems.

• Intraoral camera.

• Electric micromotors with inductive light, controlled from the central panel.

• LED polymerisation light.

• Amalgam separator units.

• Syringes with light and hot water, etc.


High safety level.

The unit has both active and passive safety systems; for the chair movements, in the water system, and in the main and secondary units for both dentists and patients, all of this with a permanent cleaning and disinfection system for the entire equipment:

• In the circuits.

• In the automatic and independent water dispenser.

• Hygiene systems that have passed all the required controls for each component, in accordance with European standards.

• Cleaning system with filters for solids.

• Cleaning system with vacuum nozzles.

• Cleaning of the vacuum pipes.


Additional options and complements.

• A second induction micromotor, controlled from the central panel.

• Polymerisation light.

• Screen and intraoral camera.

• Centralised vacuum system.

• Amalgam separator.

Value for money

The best quality-price ratio.

This dental unit has been designed based on a needs analysis of dentists in their everyday work, developing reverse engineering, trying to optimise needs and costs, to achieve the best quality-price ratio. An optimal result with high performance of the features integrated into this unit.

We also have to add the colour combinations – a catalogue that offers a wide range of seat covers (which can be combined with grey-white in the dental unit), and the combinations of some of the elements, which enables you to personalise its look so it integrates better into modern workplaces. The cover is resistant, fire-proof, washable and completely seamless.

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