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Prince dental unit


From an ergonomic, quality and reliability point of view this Chair package is very complete, yet simple and efficient to use, and inexpensive to maintain. A wide range of available options mean that the Gala Package can be customised to best meet your specific clinical needs.

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Patient chair

Comfortable for the patient, realistic dimensions and smooth in its movement will put your patients at ease and make best use of surgery space. The upholstery of the chair is seamless, and promotes patient comfort and operator ergonomics. A wide range of warm or modern colours are available. Working positions from 09:00 to 01:00 are easily possible. The chair can be controled from the delivery system or from the standard multifunction foot control.

Three chair working positions can be memorized by the operator and additional chair programs like return to entry/exit, Spittoon Rinse Position and return to last working position prior to spittoon rinse are included as well. This wide range of chair program features mean that the operator can concentrate fully on patient treatment. The appropriate safety cut out switches are of course also part of the system.

Cuspidor assembly

The cuspidor is connected to the seat and thus follows the chair movements at all times. The cuspidor has been designed to work with semi wet or dry suction systems via an in- built spittoon valve or amalgam separator, which means the Gala unit adapts easily to your individual practice.

The suction hoses are within easy reach of the nurse or can be brought close to the Operator should single handed dentistry be practiced. All umbilicals and connecting tubings are located inside the panels of the unit making this unit very easy to maintain from a hygienic and cleanliness point of view.

The spittoon bowl has a 90ª swivel (rotation) allowing great patient comfort and ease of access for all age groups. Hygiene has also been thought about here, with the spittoon bowl which is detachable for easy cleaning. The operating light is situated on the cuspidor unit making this unit compact in dimensions. Should the option of an intra oral camera be chosen the image will be visible from the optional light post mounted screen.

Delivery system

The arm is held stable by an internal brake system, yet is easy to move when required. The integrated touch pads allows for easy chair positioning.

The Fedesa Gala unit is equiped with 3/1 syringe, fibre optic turbine tubings and can be upgraded to take electric micromotor, ultrasonic scaler or indeed an intra oral camera. Over the patient hanging tubing delivery system is standard, however continental style delivery system is also available.

Auxiliary equipement

The Prince unit has been designed with individual operator requests in mind. The range of options speak for this. It is also future proof as many of these options can be retro fitted should you decide to upgrade the unit in some future point in time.

The multifunction foot control allows to control handpiece and chair with the foot, avoiding the risk of potential cross infection. The high output of the operating light can be regulated in multiple steps, so that eye strain can be avoided where possible.

Technical data

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