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Midway Lux dental unit


Simplicity and reliability

It is the result of experience and the demand for a complete, efficient, easy-to-use and economically maintained unit.

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Ergonomics and functionality.

This unit optimizes the access of the patient and adaptation to the different working positions of the operator.

Cuspidor assembly.

This is supported by the chair and moves in combination with the latter. Inside, it contains the suction devices and main regulators, with sufficient space for possible extensions or adaptations to future requirements. A large cannula support provides service to the assistant.


The basic equipment is complete, with the possibility of adding ultrasonic cleaner or polymerization lamp according to the needs of the operator.

The instrument arms can be locked to ensure the absence of tension.

Access to the control panel is direct and the whole unit can be controlled from the same.


Seamless for safe cleaning; patient comfort thanks to the size and great comfort it offers.

Excellent accessibility for the operator.

Has an adjustable work position.


Easily adaptable.

Easy patient access and complete accessibility of the operator; the special form of the back permits work even in the 9 o’clock position while supporting the arms of the patient.

The rotation of the water unit and movement of the cannula support place these in a suitable position and leave space free for the assistant.

The double articulation of the headrest enables you to position the patient’s head according to the treatment to be given.

For the control of the unit, the Midway Lux has a complete sheet-type button panel on the unit and a pedal to control chair and instrument movements.


The basic unit has hoses with light for turbines, 40,000 r.p.m. electric micromotor with light and full surgical suction.

Optionally, it can be equipped with polymerization lamp, ultrasonic cleaner, intraoral camera and amalgam separation devices.

The features of the Midway Lux dental unit make it a genuine workstation and all ergonomically distributed.

Special features.

The special form and locking of the instrument arms achieve high hose extension without tension and without touching the lamp.

The mobility of the cannula support leaves space free in the auxiliary zone.

The control of the unit and instruments with the pedal prevents cross-contamination.

Has three positions programmable by the operator, and the automatic movements of return to zero, last work position and rinse position are programmed in the factory.


High level of safety.

Safety has been taken into account both in the chair movements and in the use of instruments; obstacle sensor systems in chair and back lowering.

The use of the chair is blocked when instruments are rotating.

The chair can be controlled with the pedal to prevent cross-contamination and the form of the button panels ensures safe cleaning.


Options and accessories.

The unit is designed to meet the strict needs of the demand. The basic equipment can be extended with: polymerization lamp, ultrasonic cleaner, syringe on the assistant side, intraoral camera, computer monitor, etc…

The water unit can be requested prepared for any suction and amalgam system or with instrument decontamination system.

Value for money

Excellent value for money.

No efforts or economic resources have been spared to offer a leading product in quality and features at a reasonable price.

The basic Midway Lux unit, or the unit equipped with the selected options, is a genuine workstation; reliable, ergonomic and pleasant.

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