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Jerez dental unit



The reinvention of a classic.

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•Traditional lift system.

•Electromechanical type with movements of:

- Raising and lowering of chair.

- Raising and lowering of back.  

•Three programmes.

•Automatic return to zero.

•Headrest adjustable in height with one joint.

•One fixed armrest.

•Main power switch with indicator light.

•Strong, washable, seamless upholstery.

•Junction box attached.



• Hummingbird system mounted on arm and compensated with gas pump.

• Luzzani Minimate three-function syringe.

• Air hose.

• Air hose with light.

• Satelec basic ultrasonic cleaner.

• Syringe flow control.

• Instrument flow control.

• Pressure control for each rotary instrument.

• Control button panel with the following functions:

- Chair movements.

- Automatic programmes.

- Water unit functions.

• Removable auxiliary tray mounted on the rotating arm.

• Instrument control pedal with Spray and Chip Blower.

Note: Optionally, the unit is available with hanging hoses or mounted on a mobile unit with the same features and the same characteristics.

Cuspidor assembly

Cuspidor assembly.

• Strong, removable glass bowl.

• Timed glass filling and glass brushing.

• Solids filter.

• General water filter.

• General air filter.

• General water and air regulators with pressure indicators.

• Mobile cannula support with longitudinal movement on chrome bars.

• Cannula tray button panel with the following functions:

- Glass filling.

- Glass brushing.

• Cannula tray with two housings including:

- High suction cannula with flow control.

- Low suction cannula with flow control.



Did dental lamp, model RHA.

Mounted on the perfectly compensated arm, it can be positioned anywhere in the operative zone without interfering with instruments or operator movements.



The suction options available are:

•Cattani AC-10 suction with suction motor.

•Centrifugal Durr suction with suction motor.

•VS 300 faired suction.

Fedesa offers a wide range of colours and textures in its upholstery catalogue; all fireproof, washable, strong and seamless.  

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