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Coral Air dental unit


Simplicity and reliability. The result of our vast experience in meeting all the requirements of a complete unit, one that is simple and efficient to use and inexpensive to maintain.

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Innovation and functionality, one unit two alternatives.

This is the answer to small dental clinics that needa multipurpose and hygienic unit It’s small size make it more user and patient friendly.

Delivery System.

There are two versions, hanging type and whip arm. In both cases it can be expanded as required. The edgeless control keypad, the lack of asperities and a gas piston compensated arm contribute to an easy maintenance and smooth operations.


It’s concept is vertical, all the tubings are inside, the aluminium base is compact. There is enough extra room to fit all the different kinds of suction systems. The glass bowl is sturdy, and the clamshell doors allow for an easy  access and maintenance.


The chair is electromechanical and silent. The backrest and seat are made of foam with a controlled hardness. The extensible headrest has a double articulation. The backrest is fitted with a circular guide. Several systems ensure the safety of the chair end movements.


Features and versatility.

Everything has been taken into account to have amultipurpose unit. A choice is given among many options to enhance the equipment. The layout makes it ideal to workwith four hands procedures. The design was developped witht the cleanning of the clinic and the disinfection of the unitin mind.

The anatomical shape of the seat helps maintain the patientin place and reduces the practician workload.


Options and accessories

The unit has been designed to adapt to the specific needs of the user. The following items may be added to the basic configuration of module for turbine and air rotor: extra modules for rotary instruments, curing light, ultra-sonic scaler, surgical suction, suction canula support, centrifuge separator, ect

The cuspidir assembly can be ordered fully prepared for the amalgam separator suctin system or with an instrument water decontamination system. Fedesa offers a wide range of colours and textures in its upholstery catalogue. All are fire-proof, washable, strong and seamles.

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