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Coral Lux dental unit


Simple and reliable

In one design we ha a unit adapted to right and left handed dentists withoiut compromising the ergonomy. Hygiene and reliability are enhanced as the chair only has to lift the patient. A new design that benefits from the best of traditionnal equipments.

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Innovating and functional. One equipment, two choices.

This equipment is the answer to the need of small practices for a multipurpose, compact, easy to clean dental unit. The compactness will make it more acceptable to users and patients.

Delivery system.

Available in hanging or whip arm versions, in both cases it can be configurated according to the requirements. The smooth keypad, the absence of ridges and a gas piston compensated arm will enhance comfort and easy maintenance.


It is designed vertically with an aluminium pedestal of reduced dimensions. All the tubings are inside and the available internal space is enough to house the diferent suction systems. The glass bowl is strong, the clamshell doors allow for an easy access and reduced maintenance time.


Electromechanical, silent, seat and backrest padding with controlled hardness, extensible headrest with two articulations, backrest movement by circular guide, safety systems in down movemt of the chair, backrest and when the instruments are in use.


Features and multipurpose.

Everything has been taken into account for a multipurpose tasked unit, the equipment can be enhanced with a multiple choice of options. The layout allows to work with four hands with no obstructions by tubings or cords.

The delivery system and the dental light can be placed at will in the operating area. The desinfection of the assembly and the cleaning of the pratice have been considered prioritios during the development.

The anatomical shape of the chair keeps the patient in place and reduces tiredness in both the patient and the dentist.


It can be fitted with all the wanted instruments, it can be adapted to all the suction systems and the automatic and programmable positions can be adjusted to any patient.

Special features.

The new technologies are possible, the intraoral camera, the electric micromotors, the curing light with led, the amalgam separation systems, syringe with fiber optic, hot water etc …


High safety level.

Safgety systems are fitted to the down movement of the chair, backrest, assistant tray, and when the instruments are in use.

The rounded shape and the open spaces between moving parts guarantee the safety of the dental unit.



To be up to date with present dentistry the standard configuration of one hose for turbine with fiber optic, and one hose with electric micromotor with fiber optic can be upgraded with extra rotary instruments, curing light, scaler, suction, assistant syringe, centrifuge water separator etc…

Value for money

Excellent Value for money.

The launching of this product was acompanied by the investment to contain production costs and at the same time maintain the same level of quality.

This dental unit is a long term investment thanks to the possibility of updating it with the latest systems.

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