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ASTRAL dental unit


Simplicity and reliability

The result of our vast experience in meeting the best on ergonomics, quality and reliability, is a unit simple an efficient to use and inexpensive to maintain.

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Delivery System.

The basic unit is equipped with hoses for the rotary instruments, and may be expanded with an ultra-sonic scaler or curing light. Handpiece whip arms have been specially designed to eliminate traction and avoid wrist fatigue. The digital touch pad provides complete control over the unit.


The cuspidor assembly is connected to the seat, and moves together with it. The cuspidor has been designed to hold different optional types of suction systems, with enough extra room for any possible future additions or needs. The suction hose system is within easy reach of the assistant or main operator. The tubings and umbilicals are located inside  the chair for the benefit of a better asepsia.

The cuspidor´s bowl  has a rotation of + - 90º for an easier use for the patient, making it ideal to work with four hands procedures.


Generous dimensions, electrohydraulic, durable, smooth, silent and powerful.  The upholstery of the chair is seamless, and has a shape that offers comfort to the patient and ergonomics for the operator.

The chair can be controlled from the delivery system or from the foot control. Chair positions may be memorized. Safety systems are included.


Easily adaptable.

Due to the dimensions and disposition of the unit, it offers easy access to the patient for the operator. The special backrest shape allows for working even with indirect vision.

The suction hose support system mobility allows the operator to free up space in the assistant area, making it ideal to work with four hands procedures. The double articulated headrest allows for arranging the patient´s head in the most ideal position for the treatment to be performed.

The delivery system may be easily placed at any location  in the operating zone by means of a three-jointed arm  and compensated with a gas piston. This, in addition to  the automatic features, make it easier for the operator to concentrate on his work, avoiding special attention to the unit.


The basic unit is equipped with fibre optic hoses for turbines, a 40,000 r.p.m. electric fibre optic micro motor and suction with a centrifugal separator. It can be optionally fitted with curing light, ultra sonic scaler, intra-oral camera, and adapted to different suction systems.

The features of the ASTRAL unit make it a true multi-task station, with all parts ergonomically distributed.

Special features.

The special shape of the handpiece whip arm allows for ample extension of the hose avoiding tension or contact with the light fixture.

The hose support system´s mobility allows the operator to free up space in the assistant area.

Foot control of the unit and handpieces avoids cross-contamination.

The unit has three positions that may be memory-set by the operator, as well as pre-set positions with automatic movement to zero-return, the last work position or mouth rising position.

The tubings and umbilicals are located inside the chair for the benefit of a better asepsia.


A high level of safety.

We have promoted safety in the chair movements as well as handpiece use with systems sensitive to any obstacles that may occur while lowering of the chair, backrest or suction hose support.

Chair movement is blocked when the rotary instruments are in use. The chair may be controlled by means of a foot pedal in order to avoid both cross-contamination as well as the instruments, while the special disposition of the activators avoids foot fatigue.

The Astral unit has been designed for you to concentrate your work while the machine takes care of everything else.


Options and accessories.

The unit has been designed to adapt to the specific needs of the user. The following items may be added: curing light, ultra-sonic scaler, syringe on the assistant side, intra-oral camera, computer monitor, etc.

The cuspidor assembly can be ordered fully prepared for the amalgam separator suction system, with an instrument water decontamination system or with automatic systems for suction hose cleaning.

Value for money

An appropriate unit.


We have spared no effort or economic resource in being able to offer a leading product in terms of quality and features at a competitive price.

The ASTRAL unit – either the basic model or equipped with chosen options – is a true workstation. Reliable and ergonomic, it is a pleasure to work with and to look at.

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