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ACANTO AIR dental unit


Simple and reliable

Easy to operate with sturdy workmanship ensure that this dental unit is a dependable long-term investment. Performance and inexpensive maintenance grant the dentist extra advantages in their day to day challenge.

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The chair upholstery is seamless to facilitate cleaning. Its size and shape, lumbar support and the synchronized movement offer comfort for the patient. It provides excelent accessibility and legroom for the dentist while the different safety systems unburden the workload during procedures.

Delivery system.

The basic unit can be expanded or modified to hanging type or cart to fit the dentist’s preference and working method. The control panel is easy and simple to operate the chair, it is fitted with a rinse, last and a back to zero functions that reduce the time to position the chair as needed.


The basic unit is fitted with two hoses, a three way syringe, surgical suction and a 25.000 Lux dental light. The foot control activates the instruments and actuates the chair movements.

The special shape of the instrument whip arm allows for ample extension of the hose without tension nor contact with the light fixture.

The unit has one position that may be memory set, a rinse position, back to zero position. Everything in the work area is within easy reach.

Value for money

Fedesa offers a wide range of colours and textures in its upholstery catalogue. All are fire-proof, washable, strong and seamless.

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