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Simplicity and reliability

A single design brings together ergonomics, easy cleaning and reliability, since the chair only has to lift the patient.
A new design that benefits from the best features of traditional units.

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Electromechanical type, supported by water unit, with the following movements:

- Raising and lowering of chair.

- Raising and lowering of trendelemburg-back.

- Return to zero.

- Stop.

An adjustable work position.

Safety systems in lowering of chair and back.

Adjustable headrest with two joints; one armrest.

Strong, washable upholstery.

Control pedal

Instrument r.p.m. with chip-blower, ON-OFF switch for instrument water, chair movements and programme activation.

Water unit

• Tempered glass bowl.

• Timed glass filling and glass brushing.

• General water and air filters, glass and bowl flow regulators.

• Glass filling time regulator.

• General air and water pressure regulators.

• Mobile cannula support with:

- A three-function syringe.

- A hose for rotary instrument.

- Two automatically activated suction hoses, saliva suction and surgical, with closing devices.

• Centrifuge type liquid separator.

Edi model lamp

Mounted on the perfectly compensated arm, it can be positioned anywhere in the operative zone without interfering with instruments or operator movements.

25.000 Lux; no shadow, cold light, 5,000 K, colour temperature. Multifaceted reflective parabola with dichroic surface treatment.

Operative area up to 1 m: 20 x 10 cm; 80 cm, focal distance, 17 V, 95 W halogen lamp.

Auxiliary tray

On two-jointed arm.


Many extension possibilities including a second armrest or junction box without transformer and with extension cable.

FEDESA offers a wide range of colours and textures in its upholstery catalogue; all fireproof, washable, strong and seamless.

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