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Mistral S Autoclave.


18/23 litres.
Vacuum before and after with two-stage vacuum pump.

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Motorized door closure.

With triple protection, guarantees greater safety, easier handling and automatic regulation of the door.

Instant vaporization.

Outside the chamber, for faster sterilization and reduced water consumption.

Thermal printer.

Incorporated in the unit for a complete record of the sterilization cycle. Ensures the user greater control of the cycle and simple filing.  

Multilingual graphic display.

Easier for the operator to select the sterilization cycles, continuous control throughout the phases of the cycle and graphic indication of the errors committed by the operator.

Connection to PC

Stainless steel chamber.

In thick molded stainless steel sheet in one piece.

Connection to demineralized water system.


Motorized closure offering enhanced ergonomics.

Instant vaporization at higher speed and lower consumption.

Standard printer for greater control.

More practical filling with self-priming pump.

Easier-to-use graphic display.

Recent software with automatic self-control of the cycle and control of the process.

Possible connection to PC with storage capacity.

Ready to connect to water de-mineralizer and direct emptying of waste water, in a more manageable way.

Safer vacuum electronic drying.

Two tanks for clean water and emptying of waste water offering greater hygiene.

One-piece molded stainless steel chamber with less porosity.

Memory-check system for greater diagnostic capacity.

3-cycle test for greater safety.


Sterilizable products

Full graphic cycle

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