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42 years' experience manufacturing dental equipment

Since the founding of the company in 1969, we have worked exclusively in the manufacture of dental equipment, but since 1985, there has been a new dynamism as a result of the expansion of facilities and strategic medium and long-term decision-making.

Unlike other companies, FEDESA has favoured the incorporation of components with a high degree of functional responsibility in the manufacturing of its equipment.

In the second decade of this century, FEDESA has entered a new era, in response to the demands of our clients, in which our aim is to produce highly competitive equipment, at competitive prices with the maximum performance required by the professional in an integrating tool such as dental equipment.

This measure, rationally implemented, has enabled us to become one of the leading European companies in product integration and, therefore, we can assume high levels of demand in all matters relating to quality, supply and new developments.

FEDESA, Symbol of the future.

The experience.

The intense dedication to our products and our clients.

The knowledge we have gained about manufacturing and organization along with the renewed enthusiasm every day allow us to face the future with optimism and confidence. We are aware of the difficulties we constantly have to overcome, but we are also aware that we have the most important resources: human and technological.

In an increasingly globalized world, with extensive communications, where transparency for the consumer tends towards the absolute, pride and satisfaction in work well done takes on greater importance.

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