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Oil-free compressors specifically designed for use in dentistry. The materials used are of excellent quality for longer duration and the interior of the tank is treated to prevent oxidation and contamination of the air.

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• Features safety valve, check valve, manometers for tank air pressure and air output pressure, output pressure regulator, solenoid valve, purge valve, class F 4-pole motor.

• Automatic operation; starts at 5 bar and stops at 8 bar.

• Can be supplied at request with soundproof casing; in this case, the size and weight of packaging are 10 cm and 15 kg higher than those described.

• The SCE models are equipped with automatically operating air dryer.



99B20Model 30/7. Tank 30 L, 105 L/M, 230V/50Hz

99B20-1= 99B20, with soundproof casing.

99B25= 99B20, with dryer.

99B25-1= 99B20, with dryer and soundproof casing.

99B30Model 30/15. Tank 30 L, 200 L/M, 230V/50Hz

99B30-1= 99B30, with soundproof casing.

99B35= 99B30, with dryer.

99B35-1= 99B30, with dryer and soundproof casing.

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